Free Assessment for City of Roanoke Residents!

Residents of the City of Roanoke, regardless of income, can receive a free energy assessment worth $250!  The assessment will highlight areas of immediate savings, including no- and low-cost strategies to address energy and comfort issues.  There are only a limited number of assessments available, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Sign up now if you are interested!


Your One-Stop Shop for Energy Savings

Welcome to Weatherize Roanoke, your one stop shop to improve your home’s energy performance. Weatherization is a proven way to reduce your home’s energy consumption by tightening up leaky walls and windows, improving the care and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment, and recommending of easy ways to save energy in your home with strategies such as switching out conventional light bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFL’s) or light emitting diodes (LED’s).

Saving energy means saving money.  Weatherizing your home means it will be more comfortable:  warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Eliminating drafts and encouraging proper ventilation make your home healthier, which makes it a healthy and safe place to live!

Weatherize Roanoke will connect you to programs, service providers, and financial assistance.  Everyone in the Roanoke Valley may qualify for some assistance, to find out what kind of program you qualify for, sign up.


Our Mission:

Weatherize Roanoke seeks to improve the health, safety and energy efficiency of homes in the Roanoke Valley.home